A membership presence of minimum 20 members in a city or region will entitle the formation of ADI local chapter. ADI brand will continue as a prefix followed by City or Region name, as a nomenclature system for chapters. The local city or region name is highlighted to create a sense of local pride, participation, induce local design institutions, industry and people.Any city where the strength of ADI or members is less than 20, design professional & other members shall associate themselves with the nearest convenient Chapter.

Memberships for ADI will be always collected at Chapter level. Chapter governance will be through a locally elected Chapter Managing Committee which will function autonomously, but at predetermined schedules submit detailed report on activities done, planned, quarterly financial statements and audited statement of accounts to the NEC.

Chapters will also work towards infusing local concerns, issues, economy, geography & culture specific activities and may hold independent events like e.g., Delhi Design Week or Pune Design Festival or any other as may be thought and created by various Chapters.


  • Bengaluru
  • bangalore@associationofdesignersofindia.org
  • Delhi
  • delhi@associationofdesignersofindia.org
  • Hyderabad
  • hyderabad@associationofdesignersofindia.org
  • Mumbai
  • mumbai@associationofdesignersofindia.org
  • Pune
  • pune@associationofdesignersofindia.org
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