ADI member evaluation process takes a total of 15 days to grant membership depending upon the applicant speed of providing answers to queries and payment receipt.

At ADI, on receipt of your full & completed membership form, evaluation is conducted by a Member Team committee.

Evaluation teams screens the form, confirms the professional qualifications, reference & experience and recommends the membership type.

Incase of professional qualifications are not there, applicant is asked to submit a portfolio of work and resume of career.

Incase the application is approved, an invoice is raised and the applicant is asked to pay the yearly fees into the ADI account.

Once, the fees stands credited, the membership letter is issued to the applicant.


  • Bengaluru
  • bangalore@associationofdesignersofindia.org
  • Delhi
  • delhi@associationofdesignersofindia.org
  • Hyderabad
  • hyderabad@associationofdesignersofindia.org
  • Mumbai
  • mumbai@associationofdesignersofindia.org
  • Pune
  • pune@associationofdesignersofindia.org
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