ADI memberships is open to professionals from Industrial Design, Communication Design, Exhibition Design, Apparel & Lifestyle Design, Accessory Design, Retail Design, Interaction Design, Universal Design, Human factors Design, Sustainable & craft design, Film and Animation. Industrial Design covers Product, Textile, Toy, Ceramic, Automotive & Furniture design" fields.

Members need to be professionally qualified in the above fields or should have practiced for a long time in the above fields. Professional members can be from any design education institute in the world. Practicing designers for min. 3 years can apply to become Professional members.

Fresh design graduates and new members can become Associate members.

Students of design can become Student members

Professionals related to the field of design but are not necessarily designers like design managers and similar others, can become Affiliate members of ADI.

Apart from this there is corporate membership for Industry and design companies, Education membership for Design Institutes, Trade membership and Media memberships.

Professionals have to apply to become members to an evaluation committee, along with the category fees. Based on the evaluation and satisfaction of the evaluation committee that the individuals are qualified and have attained acceptable level of competence in their field, membership will be awarded to individual members or organisations.

Timely payment of annual fees is a must for continuing membership. The right to award or continue a membership lies solely with NEC, ADI.

Application to ADI is a simple 3 step process

  1. Down load and fill the membership form
  2. E mail for evaluation
  3. On receiving acceptance email from ADI, Sending or e pay your membership fees.

On receiving a completely filled form, acceptance, verification & evaluation report and full fees for minimum One year, your membership will be accepted and a membership intimation letter will be sent to you.



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  • bangalore@associationofdesignersofindia.org
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  • Hyderabad
  • hyderabad@associationofdesignersofindia.org
  • Mumbai
  • mumbai@associationofdesignersofindia.org
  • Pune
  • pune@associationofdesignersofindia.org
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