ADI is the first Indian body for all Indian origin professional designers and related people, educators and the Industry.

ADI is a society registered under the Maharashtra Societies Act.

ADI, the professional Association of Designers of India, is formed to support members through creating learning & sharing opportunities, creates industry-leading resources and advocates for the profession on behalf of all designers.

The ADI raises the profile of design and of its practitioners - our members. We are creating a platform and building knowledge that help employers & clients of design business acknowledge the value that your design adds. And when we do that, we add value to your business and career.

Membership in the ADI means that you see the value of a pluralistic design industry and confirms your status as a qualified, credible and ethical practicing professional.

As a member, you will gain access to an extensive network of designers both locally and internationally. Valuable insights from experienced practitioners on design issues, professional practices and management of business & career opportunities can broaden your design thinking.

No matter where you are in your career–a design student, recent graduate, educator, manager or seasoned professional–there's an ADI membership level for you.

Join ADI to take advantage of exclusive member benefits from India's only active professional body for Designers.


  • Bengaluru
  • bangalore@associationofdesignersofindia.org
  • Delhi
  • delhi@associationofdesignersofindia.org
  • Hyderabad
  • hyderabad@associationofdesignersofindia.org
  • Mumbai
  • mumbai@associationofdesignersofindia.org
  • Pune
  • pune@associationofdesignersofindia.org
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