About ADI

ADI is committed to promoting best practices in the profession of design in India by strengthening and promoting the capabilities of the Indian design profession, as well as amplifying and presenting a unified voice to influence public policy, shape the industry and benefit the people at large.

Our vision

ADI's vision is to be a world class network representing professional interests of Indian Design community, creating a meaningful interface between Design Professionals, people as Users, the Industry, Education Institutions and the Policy Makers.

Key objectives of ADI

Policy Advocacy

Become a national strategic body of the design professional community advising at government & policy- level, acting as an independent professional body represented at the India Design Council and any other Chartered Society of Designers.

A Strong Network of Designers

ADI shall build a network of designers from India that provides a platform for sharing design thinking and design case studies. ADI aims to build a national movement of young designers. ADI shall network with national and international bodies related with the profession.

A Better Design Community

ADI aims to lead the design community towards better quality of service, responsible design and smooth interface with the industry. It shall promote compliance of ethical practice code amongst design community in India. ADI shall work towards bringing awareness of "good design" amongst the "people" and "industry" promoting India as a design service destination, through- out-reach programs, publications, events & installations and design related activities promoting design.


The ADI is managed by the National Executive Committee (NEC) who are elected biennially by members. The NEC is responsible for running ADI, creating regional chapters and elected local Chapter Managing Committees (CMC), formulating policies and initiating projects to promote design and the interests of its members.

The current NEC members:

A BalasubramaniamPresident
Darpana AthalePrakash Khanzode
Bala MahajanVice President
Nachiket ThakurTreasurer
Darpana AthaleGen. Secretary
Siddharth KabraJt Treasurer

PR,Social Media and Brand:

Harsh VardhanActivity head
Darpana AthaleTeam Member
Ishaan DixitTeam Member

Events & Activities:

Ishaan DixitActivity head
Ravi KambhojTeam Member
Darpana AthaleTeam Member

Industry Outreach:

Lolita DuttaActivity head
Hemant SutharTeam Member
Anubha KakrooTeam Member
Harsh VardhanTeam Member

Education & Student Initiatives:

Amit ShethActivity head
Lolita DuttaTeam Member

Govt. Outreach:

Anubha KakrooActivity head
A BalaTeam Member
Ishaan DixitTeam Member

Design Practice Advisory:

Shivani ChhakrachhatriActivity head
Bala MahajanTeam Member

Donations and Sponsorships:

Prakash KhanzodeActivity head
Hemant SutharTeam Member
Darpana AthaleTeam Member

Programs and Initiatives:

Bala MahajanActivity head
Siddharth KabraTeam Member
Nachiket ThakurTeam Member

Website App and Tech lead:

Siddharth KabraActivity head
Ishaan DixitTeam Member


Hemant SuthatActivity head
Anubha KakrooTeam Member

Member connect/engagement:

Ravi KambhojActivity head
Shivani ChhakrachhatriTeam Member