ADI AMD | Tête-à-tête with Prayas Rokde

by Team ADI
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Sat, Jan 23 03:00 PM - Sat, Jan 23 04:15 PM

Fellow ADI AMD members! This tête-à-tête we bring to you our very own member- Prayas Rokde. Prayas dons multiple hats being a product designer, singer and songwriter. He popularly writes under the pen name of “NABH”. Join us for a peek into Prayas’s studio where we learn more about the designer and his love for music over a special afternoon of conversation and performances. 

We would like to open the session with quick updates on the chapter so far and what’s in store in the future.  We have been one of the most active chapters, and would like to take that further with all of your suggestions & support. As the pandemic seemingly recedes and our lives take over, we are also planning our very first offline meet soon.

Until then, looking forward to see you all this Saturday - 23.01.2021, 3 PM - 4PM for our Meet & Greet with a special Performance by Prayas Rokade.

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