ADI Delhi NCR | D'CODE - a series of design conversations

by Team ADI
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Event Date and Time
Sat, Aug 07 05:00 PM - Sat, Aug 07 06:30 PM

ADI Delhi NCR presents D'CODE - a series of design conversations.

Topic for the upcoming session is -
'Future of Fashion' 

Has the current situation changed the Fashion pathway ? 
How could Fashion collaborate with future technology ? 
Are we looking at more functional aspects than aesthetics or vice versa ? 
& Emergence of Slow Fashion & Circular Fashion/Sustainable practices.
Let's discuss these and a lot more with experts from various institutes. 

Panelists : 
1. Saumya Pande, Course Leader(FD) IIAD
2. Prasanna Baruah, HOD for Fashion & Textile, Pearl Academy
3. Akshra Dalal, Director, JD Institute of Fashion Technology
4. Devender Kharb, Dean, School of Design, WUD
5. Ambika Magotra, Professor, SOF, WUD

Moderator : 
Sasi Menon, Secretary, ADI Delhi NCR

Date : 7th August 2021, Saturday 
Time : 5pm
Link :

Is this something that concerns you or you are passionate about, please join the discussion. Email / message your questions in advance & we will take them up with the panelists.