ADI HYD | Design stories with Founders of Earthen Tunes

by Team ADI
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Thu, Jun 17 05:30 PM - Thu, Jun 17 06:30 PM
ADI Hyd Presents a new edition of Design Stories 
with Co- Founders of Earthen Tunes- Santosh Kocherlakota, Nakul Lathkar, Vidyadhar Bhandare
Earthen Tunes is a social enterprise trying to build a better India for the future. It is presently being incubated by the Rural Technology and Business Incubator at IIT-Madras
The Founders pursued Masters in Transportation and Automobile design in the NID Gandhinagar after completing their undergraduate degree in engineering. Prior to starting Earthen Tunes, the team had worked in various fields ranging from electric vehicles, mobility for the disabled, Indian railways to marketing and man management in oil marketing giants
After extensive field research in rural India, the team has picked up a set of farmer-oriented problems that they are looking to address in the next decade. As part of this timeline the first problem they are trying to address is that of the farmers working barefoot. And will be launching these shoes in July 2021.
Join us to hear their story !!
on 17th June | 5:30-6:30 PM