ADI MUM | Just Mould it

by Team ADI
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Event Location
Event Date and Time
Fri, Sep 11 05:00 PM - Fri, Sep 11 06:30 PM
ADI MUM brings you a workshop to rejuvenate your inner creative! Join us as we join hands with the expert instructors from Pidilite and bring you an immersive experience of creating beautiful art plates with Fevicryl Mouldit:
“Just Mould It!”
When: September 11, 2020
5.00 to 6.30 pm
What you will require (available at local stationery shops or online platforms like Amazon):
  • Mouldit by Pidilite -5 packets.
  • (Substitute - Mseal white)
  • Fevicryl Acrylic Colour Kit
  • Fevicryl Pearl Metallic Gold
  • Brush
  • Rolling Pin
  • A plate: 6-8inches in diameter
  • Talcum powder
  • Any plastic sheet
  • Toothpick
  • Pen caps
  • Pins
We look forward to this creative collaboration with You!