Curious Case of Button Masala by Anuj Sharma

by Team ADI
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Fri, Jul 24 04:00 PM - Fri, Jul 24 05:00 PM
Join us and learn a language of creating garments/ shoes/ cushions - practically anything- with not a single stitch!
Button masala is a sustainable technique to make garments and other products without stitching or any machine or a tool. It empowers people to make their own design and product without fear. Wearer can also transform the garment to another form or design at any point of time.

A list of things you may need if you want to do it along
1- Rubberbands
2- Buttons or any round objects like coins, carrom coins, bottle caps
3- Any fabric - A waste fabric, or a dupatta or bedsheets, or even an old garment would work

It is a simple joinery system, which replaces sewing from the clothing or home furnishing. The technique involves only buttons and rubber bands. It is pretty much like tie and dye technique but done with rubber bands. Button masala is a very quick construction method, possibly the cheapest in the world and the greenest for the environment.

About Anuj Sharma
Fashion designer Anuj Sharma works mainly in areas of craft development and sustainability. His other areas include teaching fashion and understanding human behaviour with the help of fashion. He has previously shown collection in Japan, UK, Sweden, and Bangladesh. He was also a regular at Lakme fashion week in Mumbai.