Workshop | Do the Doodle

by Team ADI
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Sun, Nov 01 11:30 AM - Sun, Nov 01 12:30 PM
ADI AMD brings to you ‘Do the doodle’
A workshop on 1st November, 2020
(Open for all)
Can't draw? No problem! Learn the simple yet fun tool to let your ideas flow uninterrupted. Everyone's invited!
Drawing starts with an intent of expressing some concept or replicating an instance while doodling allows you to flow with ink while brightening your mood, and it allows the brain to improve its psychological resilience.
This would be a fun session with us playing name-place-animal-thing while doodling.
We bring to you Sumouli Datta, who has had clients like Google, TOI, Amazon, SnapChat, Nickelodeon. And we have Vinay Krishnan, whose illustrations are all about his love for classic cars (and scooters), pop-culture in India.
ADI welcomes you to join "Do the doodle" and become #theADIdoodler.
Don't forget to bring your:
-Colour pencils.
Note - If you are unable to join our zoom session due to full capacity, please watch us here: