ADI MUM | Let's Talk -Business of Design

by Team ADI
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350 ₹ - 1000 ₹
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Sat, Jul 10 05:00 PM - Fri, Jul 30 06:00 PM

ADI Mumbai presents


A series of talks by Industry Experts and stalwarts on Business Planning and Scaling for the design community. 

  • GST Matters – 10.07.2021 , 5pm
  • Entrepreneurship – 16.07.2021 , 5pm
  • Business Planning– 23.07.2021 , 5pm
  • Scaling Business Through Venture Funding – 30.07.2021 , 5pm


₹ 350/- for each event

₹ 1000/- for all four events

50% discount for all ADI members

GST Matters  -    10th July 2021, 5pm

Many in the design field work with a perplexing variety of materials. Some offer services while some, products. Don’t get lost in the maze of the GST taxation world. Understand the basic assumptions at the core of GST and ask questions from the expert. 


CA Ashit Shah, Founder Partner, Mehta and Shah

Entrepreneurship - 16th July 2021, 5pm

Many young designers have great ideas on setting up their design businesses and become designpreneurs. But they soon hit roadblocks that come up- unthought-of challenges, no clear business plan and sometimes not enough research on the market can be the culprits that may be avoided. Learn about what all you need to have or think about before you jump into entrepreneurship: Market research, Talking to mentors, Pitfalls, Money planning, Need for a Business plan, USP, etc


Vipul Jain, Ex-CEO Accelya Kale, currently Director & promoter - Kale Logistics, Promoter- Hearth Ventures, IIT Kanpur, Gold Medalist from IIM Ahmedabad

Sajid Mohinuddin- Founder - Creative Director of HB Design

Business Planning  – 23rd July 2021, 5pm

How can we effectively plan a clear strategy for growth of our design businesses? A Business plan is what you need to create- which help you plan your costs, anticipate sales and create actionable plan and activity map for the year/s ahead. This is one of the most important documents you need to have, to run your business effectively. Learn how. 


Vipul Jain, Ex-CEO Accelya Kale, currently Director & Promoter - Kale Logistics, Promoter- Hearth Ventures

Scaling business through Venture Funding – 30th July 2021, 5pm

Venture funding maybe a new concept for many designers. But an exciting one. Do you need funding to scale up your businesses and take it to the next level? Understand the facts around this topic- how can design businesses generate venture funding? What will you need to do? How can you make your pitch? 


Shefali Chhachhi, Hearth Ventures

Vinayak Kamath, Hearth Ventures