Episode 1: The View from Outside

by Team ADI
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Fri, May 15 03:00 PM - Fri, May 15 06:00 PM


Let’s take a look at ourselves, the design community, from the outside-in. We're bringing in experienced and well-seasoned voices to weigh-in on survival strategies for designers, for the lockdown and beyond. A series of practical conversations with heavyweights of the industry – venture capitalists, trend-watchers, entrepreneurs, business and management experts.

Episode 1: Navigating Uncertainty

Will only the fit survive? Do we need to reimagine our utopian worlds? What actions should I take immediately? How do I make plans for the next year? I feel alone in my corner. Who's going to help me?

Meet our Speakers:

  • Acacia Leroy | Writer, Speaker, Asian Consumer Trends Expert
  • Ashish Goel | CEO & Co-founder, Urban Ladder
  • Vineet Rai | Chairman, Aavishkar Group
  • Ranjan Malik | Managing Partner, Primalise

 Moderated by Suresh Venkat | Content Designer, Journalist & Curator

Registration link :  https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_PNapbRJASxKma4hAWsgShg?fbclid=IwAR2mQdBQbL8kD9hTw-HLFBgM7dMW4jWYafdVYcnVkDS-aXUlLgy3s6pitck