Membership to ADI are open from 1st. week of April 2011. 

Membership of ADI will be granted to an individual or a firm under any of the following categories provided the individual or the firm fulfils the qualification requirement as outlined against each category and after an application for membership is scrutinized and approved by the Governing Body of ADI. A "Professional" would mean any person providing service in a particular field of design and a "Student" would mean a person studying towards becoming a certified practicing professional from a recognized design institution. Though Design Professional are the key members, ADI recognizes the fact that Design is a team function and is dependent on a number of other associations and professionals which reflects in the classification of membership types. Memberships will be open to professional related to the field of design like say design manager's, design research, corporate bodies, trade (materials, model makers), institutions etc. as affiliates or trade & corporate members

Membership fee and duration will be annual.

The membership is open to design professionals, design related professionals, design managers, students of design, design related trade organizations, media, education institutes, corporate organizations and industry. This association is for all Indian design professionals who desire a cohesive effort at elevating the standards of design practice in India, who are keen on promoting Indian design practice and who are interested in networking, learning and sharing with other design related professionals and industry.

Membership rules will continue to get updated from time to time.


Step by Step: 

  • Click on the Sign in button on the right corner 
  • You get a mail on your registered email id. 
  • Once you have authenticated your membership, please go to the dashboard to choose the type of membership and make the payment. 


Fees details: https://adi.org.in/adi-membership