Organisation Name:
Roy Studio
The future is now. And it’s no longer business as usual.
We need a better way of looking at our world. Design has the ability to bring in a human perspective to brands, businesses and organisations and create the groundwork for innovation. We work with passionate people who want to create a difference and maybe along the way help shape a better world.

Practise Areas:

1. Design-led Innovation
To drive innovation we work closely with funded startups on the business model outwards. The focus is to enable new way of looking at the business that is driven across the entire brand. It shifts the focus from surface level changes to lasting change within the entire brand structure.

2. Place branding
Placemaking is a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. We work with architectural, projects and management team to help deliver an integrated environment that takes into account aspirations and needs of its users. Our role is to ensure that perception & expectation of the brand and its spatial experience are in sync.

3. Identity & Culture
Today more than ever, developing & managing a strong identity and culture for an organisation is key to its survival. Both need to be designed in a way that creates a blueprint for the future. We work with organizations to discover, define and codify their culture and create an identity that reflects this across all facets.

4. Reinvention
The rapid pace of change today means organisations have to reinvent themselves. We work with ambitious teams who are looking at changing the way they operate, rather than trying to maintain status quo. Whether its in response to disruption in the industry or making sense of the new normal, design brings in a humanistic approach to these new paths.
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Design Firm
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What Kind of Organisation Are You:
Practice Design/Provide Design as a Service
Organisation Address:
villa 11, pinto rosario square, opposite football grounds, succoro, porvorim
403501 India
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Less than 10
No. of Design Talent Employed:
Less than 10
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